About Us

Off Axis Studios is a leading asset publisher that makes stylized art packs and level design tools for game developers.
Our model packs are easy to use and great for beginners and are fun to use for prototyping and game jams (in fact, we’ve been used in many jams!).
With over 40 packs covering multiple themes like Fantasy, Sci-Fi, City, UI and many more – you’re bound to find something to help get you started!

Our Australian team was founded in 2015 and has been providing some of the best selling low poly asset packs on the Unity Asset Store ever since. With an average 5 star rating, our products speak for our passion.

We’re always working on cool new content and adding value to existing products as well. Our small team is always looking to grow and overcome new technical challenges and concepts.

The Polyworks series of low poly stylised 3D assets has been used in many game jams by indies and ended up in many published products on Steam and Nintendo Switch as well!
Our products have been used in projects for Microsoft, WaterAid, NYU, and CDC to name a few!

Low Poly Complete Collection – Polyworks

The original and the best!

Update 6.0 is out with a massive overhaul of the pack! Loads of new models added, 1 pixel per color texture atlasing, new shaders and out of the box builtin + URP upgrade support!
The complete collection pack now stands at well over 3,500 models with included effects and custom shaders and continues to be the best value for money stylized low poly pack available!

2023 will be an exciting year for updates to the Complete Collection with new packs from Sci-Fi to Fantasy to Sim, helpful level design tools and many more surprises. Keep an eye out!

World Edit – releasing 2023!

World Edit is a suite of professional Editor tools from our ‘Levelworks’ range, designed to enhance the level designer and artist workflows for solo developers and teams alike.

This includes powerful tools to help speed up level creation inside the Editor, bulk updating art assets, integrating with external tools as part of workflows, logging notes and bugs, bulk editing, node and waypoint management and general scene navigation.